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History of Punchun

History of Pun Chun

In 1898 (Qing Dynasty), Mr. Lai Yan Shan, founder of Pun Chun soy sauce, started a small shop on Jubilee Street, Central, where he sells soy sauce, bean paste and marinated ginger. The family lived upstairs of the shop and the soybean fermentation process took place on the roof.

In the 1930s’, Pun Chun built their first factory in Kowloon City. It survived Word War II with minimal damage, but unfortunately could not escape the district development plan by the Hong Kong Government in the late 50’s, and was forced to relocate.

In 1961, Pun Chun reopened its factory in Yuen Long and have continued to produce and develop ‘Made in Hong Kong’ soy sauce ever since

In the 1970s’, Pun Chun launched their first TV commercial with a catchy theme song, which got a lot of positive attention and made Pun Chun Soy Sauce very popular.

Over the years, Pun Chun’s trademarks have transformed and developed into three brands – Triangle, Camel and Deer. Beside Hong Kong local market, Pun Chun expanded its business across the Global such as Australia, United Kingdom, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia.