Soy Sauce Chicken


Chicken1 pc

Shallots (sliced) 2 pcs

Garlic (sightly smashed) 2 groves

Spring onion2 stalks

Ginger6 slices


Pun Chun Premium Soy Sauce120ml

Pun Chung Premium Dark Soy Sauce60ml

Mei Kuei Lu Chiew 1tsp

Rock sugar50g



Pun Chung Premium Dark Soy Sauce1tsp

Mei Kuei Lu Chiew 1tsp

Cooking Steps

1. Spread the marinade sauce evenly on top of the chicken body

2. Saute ginger, green onions, dried onions and garlic, then add seasonings and bring to a boil

3. Put the chicken face down in the pot, pour in seasoning, sauce covers the whole chicken

4. After boiling, cover and simmer for 7 minutes, turn the chicken breast up and cook for another 5 minutes, then turn to the side and cook for 7 minutes, then turn to the other side and cook for another 7 minutes

5. Finally, boil the sauce on high heat and cover and turn off the heat. Leave the chicken in the pot and bake for about 20 minutes

6. Take out the chicken, let it cool and place it neatly on a plate, and drizzle with a little reheated soy sauce. Ready to serve.